5 Tips for Safe Medication Management For Seniors

Woman showing senior medication management box

Having a plan to safely manage medication for seniors is essential for their health. Many seniors take more than one prescription and medication at the same time. Therefore, it’s important to have an easy-to-follow system in place to ensure they get the right medication on time and at the right dosage. 

Making a medication mistake can have detrimental effects. Taking the wrong drug, too high or low of a dose, or forgetting to take a prescription are all common issues. 

Below we offer some actionable tips for safe medication management for seniors:

1. Keep all medication in the same location in the house

Keeping all your prescriptions and medication in the same place simplifies medication management for seniors. Having things in one spot reduces confusion and ensures you know where your medication is when you need to take it. The last thing you want to happen is to forget where you placed your medication at a time when you need to take it.

2. Have an up-to-date list of all your medication

Keeping a list of all the medications you are taking is important for those who take more than one. You should also include vitamins and supplements you take. This can help you better understand what medications are creating negative side effects if you experience them. It can also help your caretakers, pharmacists and doctors provide you with better medicine management advice.

3. Double-check medication instructions

Understanding how and when to take certain medications can be confusing. Some you have to take with food, others without. Some you shouldn’t take if you have to drive, while others are best not taken at the same time as other medications. It can get confusing and challenging to keep things straight. Have a clear list of what you need to take and when.

4. Understand potential medication side effects

We all know that medications have side effects, and some can be severe. They can also affect some people differently than others. Having a cheat sheet of potential medical side effects can help you to immediately identify what is causing you issues. Again, this is very important if you are taking multi prescriptions at the same time.

5. Set an alarm or reminder to take medication

Many people forget to take their medication, even if they take it at the same time every day. So, it’s a good idea to set up an alarm clock or timer on a phone to remind seniors and caregivers. Set a timer up for each medication so you don’t miss any. This will help to keep you on track.

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