4 Qualities You Should Consider When Selecting a Specialty Pharmacy to Serve Your Group Home Community

Nurse with seniors in group home

Group homes play an essential role in communities across Ontario. One of the many tasks they manage is ensuring that the people living in these homes have the support they need, including medications, medicine, and health care. This is why it’s important for group homes to partner with a specialty pharmacy, But not all specialty pharmacies are the same. They offer different types of products and services. If you’re a group home and looking to partner with a local pharmacy, here are 4 qualities you should consider serving your group home community:

1. Specialization

Group homes are specialized facilities. To get the level of care and understanding that you require, it’s essential for you to partner with a specialized pharmacy that specializes in working with group homes and other similar communities. 

Resident Care Pharmacy works alongside group homes, supportive living homes, youth justice programs, mental health & addictions programs and more. Our team has the experience you need in a pharmacy to ensure you receive the care you need and innovative solutions to the unique challenges presented by group homes.

2. A Full Selection of Services

A specialty pharmacy should be able to offer you a full selection of health and medical services. You don’t want to have to use multiple suppliers. At Resident Care, we offer a full stack of services to ensure we are your go-to location for all your needs. Some of the services we offer include the following:

  • Medication Administration Records (MAR Sheets)
  • Assistance with Policy & Procedure Development
  • Customer Support & Assistance With Obtaining Drug Coverage
  • Medication Management Training
  • Unregulated Care Provider Training
  • And so much more

3. Top Quality Customer Service

Medical needs don’t stop at 5 pm. Group homes have ongoing medical needs. And you never know when you’ll need a unique or specialized solution with limited notice. So, it’s important to work with a specialized pharmacy that offers top-quality customer service. They don’t just say it, but they offer great service in practice. At Resident Care, we provide customized service to meet your group homes unique needs. We offer on-site support, staff training, consulting services, 24/7/365 support and so much more.

4. A Dedication To Quality And Care

It’s necessary that any pharmacy you use for your group home is dedicated to quality and holds itself to high standards. We make sure our services and processes align with quality assurance measures set out by the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services (MCCSS) as well as best practice recommendations from accrediting bodies such as Accreditation Canada and Focus. This ensures you receive nothing but the best from our team.

Why Choose Resident Care?

At Resident Care, we take pride in working with local group homes. We offer a variety of services that support group homes in our community. We’re dedicated to creating a culture of kindness, compassion, unparalleled communication, and personalized pharmacy support. If you’re a group home, please reach out to us if you need a trusted pharmacy partner.

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