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Resident Care Pharmacy uses the latest in automated technology for both our strip and blister packing machines, as well as our strip-checking machine, ensuring that we maintain our 99.99% accuracy rate.

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How Can We Help You Manage Multiple Medications?

Managing multiple medications can be overwhelming, that’s why Resident Care Pharmacy is here to support you by offering free, accurate and stress-free medication management systems. We can help you more effectively manage your regular prescription, medication, and over the counter product needs (including supplements, vitamins, and other medicine).

Whether you prefer multi-dose blister packages or multi-dose strip packages we ensure our packaging, labels, MAR sheets, procedures and training are built on best practice recommendations and from many years of experience providing specialized pharmacy services to community-based organizations. We work with all types of small groups and community homes in the region. Learn more about how we can help by reading these commonly asked questions about how we can help you better manage your medication. 

Learn How We Can Help You
With Medication Management

Frequently asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about medication packaging.

Do you have a question that you need assistance with?  Please contact us, we’ll be glad to assist you!

Is there a fee to have my medications dispensed in a blister package or medication strip pack?

No. Resident Care Pharmacy will dispense your daily routine medications and over-the-counter items in a weekly blister/strip package free of charge. Ensuring the individuals we support receive their medications accurately, safely and optimally is our first priority.


All of the packaging is labelled with all information you need to take your medication as prescribed. It will include the day and time of each medication dose. Individuals simply need to follow the instructions to ensure their medication is being taken at an optimal time. 

Can Resident Care Pharmacy dispense more than a weeks worth of medications for a LOA/Vacation/Camp etc?

Absolutely. We understand that things change and so does your schedule. If you have an upcoming trip or are unable to make it in at the normal time, just let us know.


To simplify the process, please provide our team with notice of the upcoming absence, the start/end date of the time frame medications are required for and when you require them to be delivered. We can dispense multiple weeks worth of medications, PRN’s, Inhalers, Creams, Epi-Pens, Eye/Ear Drops and other products to cover the absence. We will work with you to best accommodate your needs. 

Can our organization choose which medication package we want to use in our homes?

Absolutely! We are here to support and guide you with the decision of which type of medication packaging would work best in your setting. We fully understand that depending on the individual, you may require different types of medication packaging. We’ll ensure you have the right combination of packaging to meet your organization’s needs. 

What is your dispensing accuracy rate?

Accuracy is a top priority when handling medication, supplements, and vitamins and we’ve taken steps to ensure you receive accurate prescriptions and refills.


Resident Care Pharmacy has invested in state-of-the-art dispensing technology to ensure we maintain our dispensing accuracy rate of 99.99%. Both our medication blister packages and medication strip packages are dispensed through an automated process that requires barcode scanning and pill recognition. This helps reduce human error and adds additional safety measures. If you have questions about how we dispense medication, please don’t hesitate to speak with our pharmacist.

How often are the medication blister/strip packages delivered?

The weekly medication blister/strip packages are automatically delivered weekly on a pre-determined day of the week that is selected by your team upon transitioning to Resident Care Pharmacy. There is no need to re-order the weekly medications. If you need to adjust your delivery schedule, please contact our pharmacy. We will do our best to accommodate your unique requirements. 

Will Resident Care Pharmacy dispense vitamins and other over the counter items in the weekly medication strip/blister packages?

Yes, we will happily include vitamins and other over the counter items in weekly medication packages for your organization. To ensure we eliminate any room for medication omissions or errors we dispense vitamins and over the counter items in the weekly medication strip packages. We will ensure all vitamins/OTC products are supported with a doctor’s order. We are happy to reach out the individuals primary care provider to obtain an official order with dosing/administration instructions and dispense accordingly.

What if there is a change of medication like a new prescription or a discontinuation of a medication?

We understand that things change, including medication needs. Upon receipt of a prescription to change an individuals’ weekly medication regimen, Resident Care Pharmacy will dispense a brand-new weekly medication strip/blister pack that will be delivered that same evening to start the following day. The remaining days left over in the old medication/strip package can be returned to the pharmacy where they will be safely disposed. If you know of an upcoming change to an individual’s prescription needs, please notify us and we will make the necessary adjustments. 

Does RCP dispense day program medications?

Yes, we take pride in being able to help accommodate the unique needs of each individual requiring medication at your organization. Resident Care Pharmacy is able to provide separate medication strips/blister packages along with a corresponding MAR sheet for each individual requiring specific medications on set day during their day program hours.        

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